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Tiffany's / 5* Sculpted Acrylic


Our facts on sculpted acrylic nails.

At Tiffany's we believe that sculpting nails if done appropriately with professionally approved product does not leave rigid or dent lines on your natural nails at any stage. Your nails will feel light and natural when you wear premium healthy acrylic instead of suffocating, painful feeling as acrylic reputation of damaging, super thin nail bed that hurts and puts you off ever visiting nail salon again. 

At Tiffany's, we believe that sculpting acrylic does not need to rely on the use of electric drill on your natural nails, neither it needs lots of agressive filing on the nail surface. We push your cuticle up & gently remove the shine on your natural nail with a file then cleanse your nail bed with acid free pro bond to be followed by sculpting form and the sculpting technique of the top therapist does all the magic from this stage onward. 

You will be so amazed how light and natural looking our sculpting nails are, sculpting nails are easily mistaken as your natural nails as they look so real and natural. You will love it, guranteed!!!

After 2 - 3 weeks, you will need an infill service to maintain the even and beautiful look. When it comes to taking off the sculpted acrylic, your nails should not be damaged like the way traditional acrylic nails have had a reputation for. That is why the price in sculpted acrylic is usually dearer compared to traditional express acrylic as it obviously requires skills, time and premium products to maintain the health of your natural nails.

Tiffany's is proud to be valued as one of the leading salons with 5 star rating in Manchester city centre specialising in healthy sculpting acrylic

Sculpting with GVS's Molecular Filtration. 

At Tiffany's, we believe in pampering your nails in a healthy environment where your beauty needs and health priority are of paramount importance to us. We are aware that the strong ordor/fume of acrylic liquid and nail polishes may get in the way of your luxurious and pampering nail experience. Thus, we have recently invested in GVS advanced filtration naill stations at Tiffany's. GVS manicure station is the only nail station with activated carbon filtration removing dust and solvent fumes proven to  ensure a safer and cleaner salon environment. Check out the demo video to see how it works!!!



What is sculpting acrylic?

Sculpting acrylic is a method of acrylic nail extensions built up on 'forms'. Traditional acrylic extension involves the use of plastic tips & glue, drilling with acrylic powder over the top. Sculpting technique is friendly to natural nails as no glue, no tip is needed in the sculptured enhancement. You will often hear that acrylic ruins nails but with sculpted acrylic, it is the opposite. It minimise the damage to your natural nails because instead of using the plastic tip with corrosive glue, the sculpting form is the alternative. 

However, the most important approach to healthy nails is the way your nails are being prepped without filing too much on the natural nail bed. At Tiffany's, we believe that your nails do not need excessive drilling and rigid filling on the surface to achieve long lasting acrylic. We believe in premium healthy No MMA product in acrylic and the gentle use of hand file just to remove the shine on your natural nail bed for our acrylic to bond with the use of advanced sculpting form. 

With sculpted nails, the form fits perfectly to the individual nail, creating the perfect curve and improved strength & durability. At Tiffany's, the whole process of nail sculpture is done by hand and the sculpting art takes years to master. Only at the end finish, you can have an alternative option of having the drill or hand file to smooth over the surface of the acrylic achieving natural look for your acrylic nails. 

Why are sculptured nails stronger?

A typical nail extension (where a plastic tip has been applied) has a weak spot where the tip is attached to the natural nail. This is why many breaks often occur at the tip.

The sculptured nail does not have this weakness because there is no tip. The sculptured nail is also stronger because the strength of the nail extension comes from the bond between the acrylic coating and the natural nail. At Tiffany's, we believe sculptured acrylic nails are the strongest nail enhancement available today.

How are they more beautiful?

Sculptured acrylics are beautiful, perfectly curved nail enhancements because the forms fit each person's nails individually. This type of extension feels light to wear, looks incredibly natural to admire; healthy and kind to natural nails and up to three-week long lasting.

How is sculpted acrylic healthy?

Sculptured acrylics in our salon involves the use of pro bond, acid free primer, premium acrylic powder and MMA free liquid allowing your nails to breath while wearing the sculpted acrylic. Filing on your natural nails are reduced to a minimum ensuring the health an strength of your natural nails.