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Local charities do great work and they need help.

Tiffany's is proud to be a part of this.

As Tiffany's clients, you should be proud to know that for every £30 you spend in our salon, £1 goes directly to support local charities through voucher donation scheme to turn into cash funding local projects. The vouchers for Tiffany's services in nails, beauty and wellbeing after being given to local charities will be then sold to the public at aution events or annual events. These events are usally organised by local charities with our presence to raise funds supporting good causes such as cancer support, hospice, children in need,...

If you know a local charity that you want to sponsor through our voucher donation scheme, kindly get in touch with us at or tel: 01625 569 948, we would be happy to help you raise fund for your local charities.

We at Tiffany's are very interested in supporting local charities and community organisations that work hard to make their community a better place. But alone we can not do it all. With the continous support from our clients, Tiffany's pledges committments to help local communities in good causes. 

We are very grateful for all your support by using Tiffany's services to keep our business going so that we can continue to play our small part in helping great causes.