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Tiffany's / Lycon Intimate Hot Wax

If you are a first time customer at Tiffany's, you will be eligible to have your special offer of Premium Hollywood/Bikini/Brazilian Wax all for only £19* instead of £35 saving you £16  (prepaid £10 deposit and off-peak time in our salon only)



At Tiffany's, we are proud to be one of the leading experts with Lycon Hot Wax for Intimate Areas both men and women. We are consistently voted as a favourite salon for Lycon Intimate Hot Wax in Manchester city centre. 

With the skillful application and in-depth experience of Lycon Premium Product, Tiffany's' customers will enjoy a less painful experience for Brazilian, Bikini and Hollywood wax with us.

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For all Brazilian, Hollywood and Bikini waxing, at Tiffany's, we use the world’s leading waxing system called Lycon Intimate Hot Wax, also commonly known as hard wax or Lycon hot wax.

Lycon Hot Wax has a very low melting temperature and is applied thickly to cleansed/oiled skin. The wax then shrink wraps around the hairs as it dries ensuring all hairs are removed from the root when it is removed.

Lycon hot wax, a complete premium waxing system is specially designed for all intimate and sensitive areas, including face and underarms. After prepping the skin, a thin layer of Lycon pre-wax oil is applied to the area, protecting the skin from any risk of tear. Thus, wax only adheres to the hair and not the skin ensuring the least pain waxing experience with superb results guaranteed.

Lycon Wax is applied without the use of any strip or cloth; when it sets hard on the skin, we remove the strip of wax itself removing hairs as short as 1 mm.

We specialise in Lycon Intimate Hot Wax for both men and women. Our aim is to give you best service possible waxing experience and will endeavour to ensure that you are made to feel comfortable about the whole experience and delighted with the finished result.  

Until you have experienced intimate waxing with Lycon Hot Wax, you will never go back to normal strip waxing for your Bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood. 

Coming for your first appointment? Lycon intimate hot wax is the waxing system you have been waiting for

If you feel nervous or embarrassed. It is totally normal. These are the feelings many clients felt at first. But when they come to us, they feel totally at ease. It is not as bad as you think.  This is a very daily treatment that Diane and Angela do all the time.  We will have a chat with you first and explain what will happen in the treatment.  If you need to freshen up beforehand, gentle cleansing wipes are provided for you. As we are very experienced with our advanced waxing technique, Lycon waxing method is very so worth it as you will agree with us that Lycon wax is ‘’the only waxing system that worth taking your clothes off’’ as very truly said by Lycon themselves. 

So, what is the difference between a Hollywood and a Brazilian wax?

A Hollywood is when you remove all of the hair, from the pelvic bone, right underneath and also the back, including buttocks if required.  A Brazilian is when you remove all of the hair as above, but leaving either a strip or a triangle on the front, so that you can see hair when you look in the mirror. A bikini tidy is waxing outside a pair of pants or briefs.  

Manzilian is the male version of the Brazilian and a "Bollywood" is having all of the hair removed from the front, back and underneath.  However, at Tiffany's, we are happy to do a bespoke waxing for you, if you would like something different from all of the above.

So. How long before my holiday/special occasion should I get a wax?

48 hours prior is fine. This will allow more than enough time for any pinkness to disappear.

Waxing is better than shaving because…
…waxing removes the hair from the root. This results in smoother skin, a cleaner look to the skin (no dark shadow) and much longer time hair free.


It is important to treat the skin properly after waxing as it can be a little sensitive.  It is recommended not to have hot showers or baths up to 24 hours following waxing.  It is also best not to use cosmetics or strong perfumes or deodorants for the same period.  

Between waxing appointments, gentle exfoliation using a rough cloth, followed by an application of one of our new soothing skin repair products, greatly helps to reduce ingrown hairs.

Ingrowing hairs ??? Any tips for avoiding the pesky little blighters?

Exfoliate! I would suggest a scrub or a buffing cloth for larger areas such as legs, arm and backs.

For smaller more intimate areas I would suggest using an ingrown hair product daily such as Lycon’s Ingrown X-it. This product has active ingredients such as salicylic acid and lactic acid which will ‘eat away’ at the dead skin cells and unclog the pores to give a deeper exfoliation.