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Pamper Packages

Natural Nail Care

Shellac/Gelish and Normal Polishe Manicure, Pedicure are amongst the most popular choices for natural nail care services at Tiffany's in Manchester city centre. 

If you are after maintaining your own nails with longer lasting and chip free, smuldge free, instant dry, then Shellac/Gelish Manicure and Pedicure is what you will be looking for. 

Shellac/Gelish Gel Colour comes in a wide range of colours. We have over 300 colour combination for Shellac/Gelish colour choice. French Manicure in Shellac/Gelish option is available as well and comes with a wide range of pink colour from transparent, natural pink, solid pink, the smile line for your French is also available in creamy white and the bright white as well. 

Shellac/Gelish Manicure is also great for your natural nail protection, thin and flaky nails bed will be strengthened with Shellac/Gelish Gel coating giving you a much longer lasting manicure that you will definitely be so amazed and addictive. 


Shellac/Gelish Gel Overlay is a one component of nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. These Gels maintain your natural nails in a healthy way allowing them to grow and strengthen below. The gel provides a thin but strong natural looking overlay. A choice of either permanent nail colour, or a French finish is available, both which last for weeks without  wearing or chipping. Our Shellac/Gelish Gel Service is amongst the most popular choice for all customers and we are one of the first beauty salons in Manchester city centre offering this service giving you the peace of mind about our long establised expertise in this area.

More info £20.00

Escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and enjoy a full hour and a half being pampered with a relaxing manicure with complimentary hand massage and a spa pedicure. You and a friend, partner or loved one will enjoy this truly blissful experience with soothing aloe vera cream to unwind and relax at our nail & beauty salon in Manchester city centre.

Following a warm welcome and a consultation from the highly trained team; you will be offered a calming herbal tea and from that moment on everything will be taken care of, allowing you to unwind, sit back and enjoy every moment of your experience.

You will receive the best of care whilst you experience a 40 minute manicure and 1 hour pedicure.

More info £49.00